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Having recently returned from the 1977 America’s Cup in Newport, USA, photographer Claes Ekman was asked by a good friend if he would care to accompany him and provide advice on the purchase of briefcases. Though no authority on cases, as an experienced traveller, he immediately realized the shortcomings of the standard products that were available. On his return to Sweden, work on improving functionality and design began at once. Based on the determination to make a better briefcase, BARON was founded in 1978.

With a Nordic eye for function and detail, briefcases were manufactured under the BARON brand. BARON soon won acclaim as a respected and reliable supplier of well-made cases that became the natural choice of discerning business travellers.

When the BARON brand became part of a larger group in 2001, the decision was taken to extend the product range to include several collections of fine leather bags, all based on the same winning concept. A year later, the Country collection was introduced.

Wherever they travel, BARON products are recognized as the embodiment of the original philosophy upon which the brand was founded – functional, timeless bags that are bearers of classic design and premium quality.

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