Hawke Sport HD

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High Definition Air Rifle Scopes

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The HD - (High Definition) optical coatings reduce reflection both internally and externally and therefore increase the amount of light that reaches the eye, improving target brightness and clarity.

The new Hawke MAP. ( Multiple Aim Point ) reticle has been Designed by Nick Jenkinson (ex world FT Champion). Fitted in the well proven Sport HD range, it brings high levels of accuracy at a budget price. Added to the package for this new range are finger adjustable turrets and crisp clear HD optics.

The MAP reticle system can be easily calibrated to either a .177 or .22 air rifle operating at approx 11:5 Lbs Ft. Muzzle velocity. (Just below the legal limit)

No more guesswork!! The MAP reticle system is easier to use than previous 30/30 or Mil dot reticles, the aiming points are precise at 6X magnification and the simple to use instructions are included in the box with each scope.

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Hawke Sport HD

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