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Focus on RM Williams Dress Boots

RM Williams boots have been by far the most popular boots we have ever stocked. It’s such a pleasure to sell something that you know is of such great quality that happy customers sing their praises. They are exceptionally hard wearing and hold their looks for a lifetime which means it isn’t so much customers coming back to replace their boots but to add another colour-way or finish to their wardrobe.  Worn by many a famous face such as  all of Bob Dylan’s backing band, Bill Clinton, who was actually inaugurated in RM boots, Daniel Criag, Harry Connick Jr, Elle Macpherson, Nicole Kidman, Linda Evangelista to name but a few. But with so many styles to choose from it is difficult to know which style to choose from. So let us walk you through the collection.

Whilst we always say you know a RM Williams boot is different from the moment you put it on. The difference begins much earlier than that. Although the RM Williams Collection has grown during the last few years the fundamental principles of creating the RM Williams boots have not! RM boots are made by craftsman not mass produced by machinery. Each boot is made through 8 hand-held processes before they leave the factory floor. The smallest details are important only the finest leather, softened full grain leather is selected from each hide. This top quality piece of leather is used to create every section of these boots. Not only that, but the entire upper is made from one piece of leather allowing the boots to have a much stronger construction with only one seam at the back pulling the boot into shape. Each boot is broken in for you by stretching the upper over a lasts thus the boot is immediately comfortable. Every boot is double stitched for strength and finished with the woven RM Williams tug on tags. The linings are made from high quality leather that moulds to the shape of your feet letting them breathe and keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions. That’s the gold standard that all RM Williams boots are made to however the real point of difference between the range comes in their soles.

The most popular boot in the RM Range remains the Comfort Craftsman made from yearling leather this boot is smart but durable enough to be worn every day. The sole is the Longhorn composition sole with increased comfort built in. The gel pad in the ball of the foot cushions the foot for every day wear whilst the comfort shank in the padded heel lining increases the comfort of the insole by reducing the effect of heal strike on the wearer.  These are available in black, sandstone, chestnut, tan and whiskey.

Also available in suede in both Mid Brown and Brown.

and ofcourse the comfort craftsman crocodile print.

We also stock the Comfort Craftsman in Kangaroo Leather if you are looking for a finer leather finish. This is very high quality fine grade leather and available in Tanbark and Chestnut.

RM Williams have developed the Dynamic Flex sole after extensive research. It feature a combination of a leather and rubber sole for added flexibility and softness underfoot as well as a removable foot bed for heightened foot comfort and arch support.

Ideal for frequent travellers, the Dynamic Flex Comfort Boots are fitted with a fibreglass ‘airport friendly’ shank reinforcing the shape of the boots and providing maximum stability for the wearer without setting off airport security devices.

For the ultimate in luxury The RM Williams Signature Boot is difficult to beat.  A beautiful dress boot with Premium Veal Calf Leather uppers,
refined toe shape, extra-fine stitching around the elastic, traditional V-stitching under back boot tug, lightweight leather insole, rich sole stainand fully Lined Uppers. Each boot has a Signature Craftsman brass plaque on sole, handcrafted and signed by one of the top three boot makers at RM Williams. the very best in craftsmanship.

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