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Gumleaf exceeds all expectations!!


It takes a lot out to get me out of my trusty old faithful wellingtons at this time of year, when it’s – lets be honest FREEZING to try a new pair of wellingtons.

It’s hard to imaging a neoprene zip wellington for under £170 that is any way near hitting the mark.But dilligently in the name of science I wore them out for Sir today to see just how good the new offering from Gumleaf is. …..

Now here in Gloucestershire it is far from warm and although not much rain has fallen I walk the dog for an hour or so with Emily my 2 year old who can hunt any puddle or muddiness out at a good 200 yards. So if you picture the scene me in my new Gumleaf wellies one hand holding a pointer springer to heal (through a grip of steal) The other the reins of my two year old as I am pulled in opposite directions accross every muddy field in Kemerton, through every puddle and in hot persuit of every muddy stick possible!! It is I assure you very much a comical scene to witness.

However, I have returned nerves a little rattled (after an un solicited encounter with the cows) but boots intact and the happiest feet I can possibly imagine. Being, as Will would say it the coldest woman on earth, I am highly attuned to the degree of warmth felt, especially in my feet. These boots are fantatsic they are conmfortable over long distances even when carrrying a toddler and reining in an unruly dog. But most importantly they kept my feet warm and dry and looked I must say rather stylish even on the end of my tubby legs!!

Zipped full length – perfect for tucking in your winter trousers. Made from natural rubber, the comfortable fit finds favour with most wearers

  • Manufactured from natural rubber
  • Neoprene lined upper (4mm)
  • Stitched 5mm neoprene footbed
  • non slip sole
  • Full length zip and internal gusset
  • Adjustable strap for the perfect fit
  • Oil resistant
  • Unisex

Available online now!

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