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Valentines Day And All That….

This is undoubtedly the most expensive time of the year in our household … at least for me that is. We have a vast array of Birthdays starting in December and finishing in May in quick succession with Christmas tucked in between which makes the purse strings grown at the thought of anything more. It’s not that I don’t want to make these occasions special. In fact I am always one for throwing myself in with total abandon trying to make everyone feel adored but there is something about Valentines day coming a mere 4 days after Sir’s birthday that throws quite a spanner in the works.

You see at Christmas I have many ideas of what can be bought made or lovingly prepared for Will. However, by the time I have chosen my 2, 3 or more things he must have from me and plenty have been stolen by others anxious to please him the list is wearing a little thin.  But no matter for there is still, post-Christmas, a few good weeks in which I can brain storm what further can be experienced or gifted to him for his Birthday. But now on the brink of Valentines it makes me at a total loss of what can be done to put a uniquely thoughtful token gift his way. Not that he expects it but it’s clearly not the point.  It is such an incredible shame at times like these that we own a shop for nothing says I made an effort less than I popped next door and took this from stock, which again is such an incredible shame as there are so many lovely things he would be certain to like.


So in the absence of being any help to myself below are a few ideas maybe you could use for the special person in your life. For now this will have to do …. And perhaps I could at least say “I am totally rubbish but at least I have updated the internet”…. now why don’t Hallmark have a card like that???


Gifts For Her


Gifts for Him

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