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Why The Uppingham Is The Perfect Winter Coat.

Why The Uppingham Is The Perfect Winter Coat.

In this cold weather I am just loving my Schoffel Uppingahm. It’s like taking my duvet with me wherever I go. It’s great on a dog walk, it doesn’t matter how much it rains or the wind blows I am completely dry. It’s got these great little hand warming pockets that are fleeced lined so there is no danger of getting my hands cold! That’s just what you’d expect from a Schoffel Coat I hear you say. Yes it is …. But here’s the beauty of it. It’s a three in one coat so


Coat 1: In the Summer at the shows when the British weather gets the better of me and I am setting up the stand in the pouring rain I can wear the outer without it’s quilted inner jacket, thereby keeping me cool and dry.


Coat 2: When weathers foul like today and all I need to be is toasty, warm and dry I can wear the coat in it’s entirety and the quilted liner keeps me warmer than a warm thing.


Coat 3 when I need to have a change of look or want to wear a lighter mid layer coat I have the quilted inner coat which I can wear all by itself. The quilt is as nice as any you’d buy as a coat on it’s own and still has the beautiful shaping and offers another sophisticated look.


So in a way… and I realise this is using ladies maths but I am saving money so not only am I warm and dry but now feeling rather smug!! It’s the perfect coat what other coat can take you from dog walking to Sunday ,lunch at the pub without sacrificing style. Well done Schoffel it is definitely my this season must have.


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